Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson of the Day...

For the Oxford adoring lassies,
it's nearly time for back to school shopping.

Preparation Time: 171 hours ($1200/ $7 per hr on min wage*)
Yields: For one smart bitch
Taste: Dominatrix with a Harvard JD MBA, not for the kind (or humble) at heart

*Rough estimate. excludes tax, both sales and income. Ouch

But as promised, a still savory solution for you unshakable financial dieters

Preparation Time: One shift @ the campus coffee shop for all us State School kids*
Confectioner: Allen Company
Nutrition Facts: See residual feeling post Splenda binge (guilt free)

*6 hours @ approx $7 min wage

Class adjourned.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

extra Dextras, please!

Artist Nicole Dextras, (featured on Notcot) has cast the petrificus totalus spell over me. I dare you to look at this one piece from her Weedrobes Summer collection and still be able to move:

Her other pieces consisting of clothing entrapped in ice also froze me in my tracks:

Why do I find sheer clothing photography particularly exquisite? Case in point, the Just Cavalli sheer chiffon blouse found at net-a-porter. 
Ok, so the pieces from Nicole Dextras was designed as art, and the Cavalli blouse was artistically designed, but put any sheer piece of clothing in front of a camera and I will feel as if I were slipped some Amortentia

I even find myself lusting after torn apart clothing, as long as they're made of sheer material and entrapped in ice!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We are Cindy & sANDY. Together we make CANDY... confections! *hehe one of us is very amused at our name play. 

We would love to say that the picture above isn't an accurate portrayal of us, but in reality Sandy is quite hunchbacked, and Cindy is a wee bit mental. (please forgive me for saying that about you, Cindy!)
Here we are at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Cindy's not really looking at my (Sandy's) ass, but it kinda looks that way, doesn't it? Just for fun, we can all look at hers! (below)