Sunday, July 19, 2009

extra Dextras, please!

Artist Nicole Dextras, (featured on Notcot) has cast the petrificus totalus spell over me. I dare you to look at this one piece from her Weedrobes Summer collection and still be able to move:

Her other pieces consisting of clothing entrapped in ice also froze me in my tracks:

Why do I find sheer clothing photography particularly exquisite? Case in point, the Just Cavalli sheer chiffon blouse found at net-a-porter. 
Ok, so the pieces from Nicole Dextras was designed as art, and the Cavalli blouse was artistically designed, but put any sheer piece of clothing in front of a camera and I will feel as if I were slipped some Amortentia

I even find myself lusting after torn apart clothing, as long as they're made of sheer material and entrapped in ice!


  1. those are soooooo pretty!! i especially love the first one!!

  2. that first dress is amazing. i think i'd be drawn to sheer things if it was summer in australia. unfortunately, we're in the middle of winter :(.

  3. I love the sheer black shirt.

  4. Those weedrobes would be sooo wonderful in a I want to carve my mother's bushes into the shape of dresses!